MooL Invest

Financing early-stage startup and spin-off companies

MooL Invest identifies potential early stage companies that can profit from MooL Invest' professional business development and innovation management services. MooL Invest also provides management, financial and legal services for the selected companies.

Referernce projects

2012 - E3X transformation to electric car

MooL Invest sponsored a demonstration project for the transformation of a small gasoline powered moped car into a full electric minivan. The project demonstratrates the possibility and challenges of the transormation of fossil fueled vehicles into electric cars.

2011 - MICRON the ultimate urban electric car

MooL Invest financed a start-up project for the development of a small electic utility car for closed site utility usage. The closed site applications mainly use commercial cars that are qualified for public road usage. The inspiration behind the investment was the realization that eliminating the industry standard qualification process that is necessary for public road usage, the closed site applications can profit from the cost & time savings that a simplier but more specialized qualification process can provide compared to the above mentioned industry standards. The first successfull commercial product of the project, the MICRON was sold in 2011.

2010 - HY-GO the hydrogen powered electric car

MooL Invest recognized a business potential in early-stage fuell cell technology in 2010. The investment team helped a foundation of a spin-off company for the demonstration of the usability of the fuel cell technology. The HY-GO a light-weight and small urban vehicle was built and a revolutionary car-sharing model was develpopped to demonstrate the busines potential of the technology and the capability of the spin-off company. The HY-GO electric car was earned several prizes and won the biggest electic car races in the EU. The technology and expertize started to be sold and licensed in 2011.

2005 - MooL Tech Kft.

MooL Tech was established in 1999 as a software developer company in the emerging Mobile Technology market. The expertise gained, its products and reputation made the company being a potencial target for acquisition int the IT ISV market by 2004. The organic growth of MooL Tech was limited, but the market potential was high, so the firm was in need of investment to fuel the growth. MooL Invest started the preparation for the acquisition of the company in 2004. The successfull acqusition was taken place in the end of 2005.

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